More of the Same . . .

If I'm not compaining about work I'm whining about moving.

On the positive side, we found two places that might work out. And two more we're supposed to find out about by Sunday.
We took a drive around two areas of town today, with Cavan in tow. We had a lot of potential places but most were out of our price range, or are hesitant about our pets. It's odd how half of the landlords in this town think it's great and the other half totally freak out.

The best thing about these two in-the-running is that they're very close to the “Village.” Granted, it'll be necessary to cross the busiest street on that side of town, but that's better than being on the side where you'll never have a parking space available because every drunk frat kid living within a 50-mile radius is taking up all your spots.

Wait. I was trying to be positiveand I ended up sounding bitchy again. What is that?

Anyway. I often find myself fantasizing about a cute living room with a warm fireplace and tulips popping up in the front yard, which adorable built-in cabinets and all that jazz. Oh, yeah – and no mold spores.


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