Making it up as I go along . . .

Tonight I'm making something different for dinner; a sweet cornbread casserole with saffron yellow rice and cheese enchiladas. I've never tried enchiladas before, but I got some corn tortillas and a ton of different kinds of cheese, cilantro, lime, peppers, lean, ground, organic beef (for the boys who'll probably complain if there's no meat in theirs), sour cream, a big red tomato, and lots of other goodies. I also just finished a “homestyle” (I don't know what that means, it was the name of the recipe) cheesecake. I made a chocolate crust for it and got fresh strawberries that I'm soaking in a bit of water and some sugar.

The whole dinner will be incredibly high in calories but the way to the boys' hearts is truly through their stomachs. Cavan has been especially testy lately, which I don't understand, and Charlie's starting to think about giving up on school for the fall semester and waiting until the spring. Which is amusing if only because I'm usually the pessimistic one. We've been fighting over who gets to work and who gets to go to school, but not the way you might think. I've been suggesting for a while that I go ahead and apply for this job with the state as an abuse investigator for a couple of years and he thinks he should stay in sales till January.
It'll only take him a year and a half, two years max, to get his teaching degree, while I'm somewhere between two and a half and three years away from actually graduating. Which totally blows because, despite my better judgment, I've been secretly wishing I could just graduate in four years like “normal.” It would only be a possibility if I'd kept taking five or six classes a semester and worked 10 hours or so a week. But this isn't a possibility. I couldn't keep up my GPA when I took five courses and mentored the sixth in psychology. I actually got a “C” in a pretty basic political science course because I couldn't keep up with the assignments on top of my extra lectures, doing lesson plans for the psych class, and working office hours for students who needed help. All of this on top of one job 25+ hours per week and 20 at the other. It was insane. I respect and admire people who can keep up with that, though.

So I dropped back to 12 credits a semester and 25-30 hours at one job. It's a happy medium for me and brings home some bacon, plus I have my tips for fun money or saving for next semester. Or moving. But we don't really know what's happening with that right now. Other than the fact that we all want to move.


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