The Purpose

I finally sat down and wrote my first short story for my creative writing class. It was based on something I saw when I was writing for the newspaper and had to take some photos of a woman's house in a sketchy part of town. I was leaving her house and ended up on a really busy street in rush-hour traffic traveling at high speeds. I got stuck in the wrong lane and was trying to get over when I noticed people in the south-bound lane were swerving and a couple of cars almost hit one another.
There was an older homeless man with a shopping cart trying to get un-stuck from a corner of the sidewalk and his cart was hanging over into the street. People were honking and swearing and flipping him off as he struggled to get back onto the sidewalk. Suddenly the cart went sailing and everything spilled out into the street. The man sat down and put his face in his hands as the cars kept whizzing past.

This all happened in a matter of moments but I'll never forget how helpless that guy looked and how helpless I felt, four lanes over, getting pushed away by impatient drivers. All I could think was that I needed to stop and help him as his only possessions were getting run over by thoughtless drivers. The fact that I didn't find a place to pull over makes me feel guilty to this day.

So Charlie suggested I write my story about that man. What I ended up writing was from the perspective of the shopping cart. It sounds a little weird, but I think it's probably better than it sounds. Now I just have to wait for feedback from other students and start on the poetry section.


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