No Real Update

I'm sitting on the couch half-watching “Survivorman” and then “Boondocks” (which isn't as good as I'd thought it would be) with Cavan, my stomach aching and my head feeling like it's going to explode. We're nowhere nearer to moving, getting a lower car payment, finding someone to rent, or giving our notice to the landlady. It's frustrating. Charlie doesn't want me to show the house because he's afraid we'll get in between the landlady and the probable fact that she'll try to raise the rent on the next people. Which would be insane because no one's going to pay as much to live here as we do.

I worked this morning with a new girl from Brazil who speaks so-so English and understands less. She's an interpretor that our owners met when they needed someone to translate for a family selling coffee. I guess she's staying at their house, which makes the rest of us a little uncomfortable because we're not sure if we're being “watched” or not. She seemed nice, though. Whatever that means.

I just don't feel well. I can't think straight. I feel like my sinuses are going to fall out of my head. Or whatever sinuses do.


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