I just got an email from my friend living in Florida that she may be moving back to Indy within the next couple of months. This is happy news for me, but bad news for her. She just bought her mom's house that's somewhere between $180-$200,000 and has outrageous property taxes and insurance ('cause it's in Florida and all).
Her mom pulled what I'm calling a “Kate Move” which is meeting a guy after years of singledom (or, in Kate's case, failed relationships), and moving in with him within the first 3 to 4 weeks of having met.
Mom is also a recovering alcoholic, sober for 27 years, and has started drinking again.

This is one of those situations where you feel totally helpless and have no idea what to say to your friend, except “please let me know what I can do.” I should probably call her, but she's not at home and I don't have her work number. She does taxes so she's really weighed down with work right now. Could not have happened at a worse time.


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