More Stupid Pissy Work Stuff

In an effort to be helpful this morning I went in to work to get a couple of drinks for me and Charlie. I noticed he wasn't getting up right when his alarm went off so I thought he could use a motivator.
When I got there, one of our employees was staring at me every couple of minutes until I finally said hey, what's going on?
“I guess you didn't get my message,” he said in a really nasty tone.
“Uh . . . message? No, I didn't get one. What's up?”
“Well, yeah, of course you didn't get it 'cause you're here now and that would be kinda rude.”
Rude? What the hell? I couldn't figure out what he was talking about. I didn't have my phone on me and it was seven in the morning, anyway, so I was kind of out of it.
“I'm sick,” he told me. “I called you this morning to see if you could work for me.”
My first reaction was to ask if he needed me to come in (but I probably should have said “Who did you get to cover my shift tonight?” which I didn't because I'm a pushover when it comes to work and I always say yes). I could go home and change and come right back, I said. My manager shook her head and kind of rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything.
So we went back and forth for a bit while I kept trying to figure out if I was actually expected to show up.
Of course, no one got anyone to cover for me this afternoon. I was just expected to magically answer my cell phone at 5:30 in the morning when someone's sick and magically come in for a few hours and then, I guess, go home, enjoy an hour or two on my own, and come back to work again until 8.

When I got home I checked my cell and, sure enough, there was a message at quarter-till six from him, coughing and saying he felt like shit and it was “f-ing 5:45” and could I come in to work for him at 8am.

While I appreciate being thought of as the Reliable One, I don't appreciate getting calls at 10 at night or 6 in the morning whenever someone doesn't feel well (or thinks they won't feel well tomorrow) and then these same people get pissy with me if I don't get their message. The fact that this guy had the balls to insinuate that I was waltzing in to the store for coffee when I should have been dressed and ready to cover for him was . . . well, just rude.

In other news, the guy who reponded to my rental ad would like to come look at this house. This means I'll have to clean thoroughly but the only time I can really do it is this morning (which is pointless because I'd have to do it all again in two or three days) or Friday afternoon when I get off work. I think I'll wait. I guess I don't really care that much because it's a couple of bachelors who'd be moving in (he said he has a “potential roommate) and I doubt they care if I have fresh-cut flowers and candles burning when they arrive to a spotless house, but I would still like to pick up in the basement and try to get some of the Dog Smell out of the house.

I never thought I'd be One of Those People who has stinky dogs, but dogs are stinky. Especially really big ones that get dirty a lot.

I should be doing dishes, or math homework but I just don't feel the motivation.


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