Moving Again?

In a matter of a few hours we've called a phone number in front of a house for rent near my work, looked at a house twice, eaten lunch, gone to take Cavan to his car, gotten approval from our landlady to foster the puppy, and possibly decided to move again.

The pros of the new house outweigh the ones we have here: there's a lot more space, it's nicer, it's already painted in designer colors, the architectural details are awesome (very arts-and-crafts with a Frank Llyod Wright-y feel), there's a ton of extra storage and built-ins, a fireplace, bedrooms with corner windows on opposite sides of the house, and a dishwasher. The cons are that there's limited parking so we'd have to park on the street, and there's no garage, plus . . . well, we'd be moving again after 9 months. But this house has felt temporary from the beginning.
If we end up staying, I'm okay with that. But I'm tired of having a wet basement that stinks, a backyard swarming with mosquitos (mosquitoes?), and bedrooms directly across from each other. It makes privacy very limited.

Charlie just spoke with the girl who rents the “new place” and I guess she's all about having us move in. We're talking it over right now. I made a list.


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