Bitching & Moaning

I haven't updated in a while because I feel as though all my entries deal with my daily plans or with someone else's problems. Like at work.
The drama is unfolding to the point where even our most laid-back, relaxed employee is saying he's sick of it. It brings the rest of us down and makes certain people much more tense and difficult to work with because they get frustrated. All around, it's an unpleasant situation that really, honestly, could have been avoided.
The most annoying aspect of all of this is The Tip Situation. The assistant manager constantly complains that he's no longer getting tips, yet there's more evidence to suggest he's been getting them all along from sympathetic co-workers than not. So, you know – if you don't want to get called out about accepting tips, maybe you should consider keeping quiet about it when you pocket the money.

The worst thing is that he told our most laid-back employee that he “hasn't eaten in two days” and had no money even to get his wife some flowers for Valentine's Day. So the co-worker split tips with him. Later on in the day, the manager gave him all the tips from the afternoon and included another few dollars from her own pocket just to appease him.
When those two got together later to talk about it, they added up the total. The assistant had walked away with $47. But the next morning he was refusing to work on the bar and saying he doesn't think it's fair not to get tips.

I don't know if this sounds as ridiculous to you as it does to me. I just want to shout “Dude! They're giving you the money! Stop talking about it!”

I close with him tonight, my five-year anniversary, and I have a feeling I'm either going to end up doing everything (His mantra of-late: “If I can't get tips I'm not doing shit”) or at least spend an unhealthy amount of energy trying to make him smile. I do feel awful that he's having a bad time and I don't necessarily agree with the policy, especially if he counts that much on the cash from day-to-day. But if you take into consideration every dollar every one has slid his way, he's probably coming out with more than he would make in a normal day.
Of course I'll split the tips with him tonight. I would feel like a really terrible person if I didn't. But if I have to hear anything about it, I'll scream. I thought I might just walk in this afternoon, pull him aside and say “Look, we'll split everything fifty-fifty, just please try to be nice tonight.”

Even saying that, however, I feel guilty. I really don't know the guy that well. What I've known of him up to this point, I've liked. But there's nothing like a Grumpy Gus to bring you down. I can only hold up this fake, chipper work exterior for so long before I go off on someone. And his being there and acting constantly abused is wearing on everyone. If I end up closing the whole store by myself tonight, I told my manager, I'm calling to let her know, but I'm walking out.


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