The Smaller Things – Unabridged

I try to take time to appreciate the smaller things in life, and I honestly do make an effort to try and not fret over the stupid little things. It's a delicate balance I have yet to master. You'll notice the title of my entry is “Unabridged.” I felt obligated to add that and this disclaimer after writing this entry because it's far from “short and sweet.”

But I did notice being in a relatively good mood this morning because, soon after I dragged myself out of bed I realized it was already getting light out. It's been lighter an hour earlier in the mornings and dark an hour later in the evenings for the past week or so and I'm happy about this. It's a little thing that matters a lot, for some reason.

I worked yesterday morning because a co-worker called in. I had to be there at 6 and ended up being about 10 minutes early to help with a tremendous mess that had happened the night before (we got a new espresso machine and weren't able to finish cleaning as the workers had shut off all our water). No small feat for me, former night owl and someone who, until relatively recently, found it impossible and unreasonable to get up before 9 or 10am. I'm starting to get used to the early mornings and I liked the fact that I woke up at 7 and just got up today. It was a bit of a struggle, but I did the math and realized I'd had more than enough sleep. Of course, the worst part about getting up at five is being tired in the afternoon and late evening. I felt like I was ready to go to sleep by seven. I imagine it'll be much easier in the summer when it's not dark when you go to bed and dark when you get up.

I spent a better part of my evening lazing in bed with the laptop, browsing Target and Amazon for patio furniture and other things I neither need nor can afford while the boys watched TV downstairs.
Charlie was nice enough to go get us coffee around 7:15 this morning. I guess there was a bit of drama when he arrived regarding tips. Our assistant manger, Chris, told everyone that if he's not taking tips, someone else has to make drinks. Which sucks because he really is the best person we have on the bar and there are several people there who are freaked out by the espresso bar and can't make two drinks in a row without breaking out in a sweat.

There's a new policy at the store that no one in a management position can take tips — they're supposed to focus on goals like selling a certain amount of coffee makers, or cutting hours, and compete for a possible bonus of $100 each month. Chris can bring that home during the week, working just mornings, in tips. So expecting that once a month is kind of insulting. He originally came up with the idea not to take tips when he was the manager several years ago. But he's not pleased about this new policy since his income is considerably less than the manager's. He really counts on his tips as part of his income.
According to my manager, Annie, the owners told Chris they really need him there at the store and he's our best barista. But now they're telling him to not worry about drinks and focus on manager-y type stuff.

This is one of those things that makes me realize I'm never going to be totally happy at any job. I hate the micromanaging, the meetings, the bitching that goes on. All the bureaucratic BS and issues each person has with a certain other person . . . it just gets really old.
I genuinely wish that people could stop obsessing over little shit that doesn't really matter.
My dad used to say something to me like “In fifty years no one will know the difference” when I was going on about some high school drama. I agree with that statement, but I feel it can be said that, in five years, or one year, or even six months, people won't remember or care about these things. Which works into my “not sweating the small stuff” mantra. I honestly never read those books, but I certainly remember clearancing them at the bookstore, which says a lot about our culture. They were enormously popular for, like, three minutes, then people got sick of them because I guess it's too much work to not obsess over stupid shit.

My managers are really not getting along right now. Of course, I like both of them and I don't want to be stuck in the middle of anything personal, but I somehow endeared myself to her and she counts me as a friend and confidant. I'm glad she likes me because I really don't have that many friends and would like to expand my social circle.

We have a meeting on Sunday and I'm kind of nervous about what's going to happen. There's a tremendous battle of wills and for control going on right now and I'd rather just stay out of it.
Oh, yeah: too late.

After all of this, however, I want to try and end on a positive note. I'm glad that my doggie is okay and the prescription wasn't filled incorrectly. Her vet visit was fine and her eyes have gotten better already.


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