Reruns, Repeats, Reposts.

I remember posting almost this exact same thought about five months ago, but I'm going to say it again anyway: it's amazing what a really insignificant amount of money can do for your sense of well-being.

The long-awaited student loan refund has finally arrived, just in time to take Trinity to the vet today at three. The last time we took her in, the vet upped her dosage of cyclosporine to 2% instead of 1% because it didn't seem to do the trick anymore. Of course, now it's a $60-a-month bill rather than the original $40, but if it helps her, it's worth it. The poor dog can barely see anything.
It's especially bad now, partly due to the dry air, and partly because – I think – they screwed up her medicine the last time we picked up the prescription. They forgot to fill it and when we arrived we had to wait for them to rush around and put the eyedrops together. I have noticed her eyes getting progressively worse since then. This morning I put in her drops when I got back from work and the red, inner part of her eye that's been inflamed since she stopped taking steroids got so bad she could barely see anything.

This is all started about 6 years ago when Kate the Cutter accidentally put ear drops rather than eye wash in Trinity's eyes (she's always had gunky eyes). The bottles were kept too close to each other and it was an honest mistake, but since then Trinity's been unable to produce any tears whatsoever, so she can't keep debris and dirt out. They're constantly infected. I don't remember the name of the actual disease(and I thought about posting a picture of it, but it'd gross you out), but it's something a lot of Labs get. Just not until they're in the teens. This happened when Trinity was barely a year old and everyone asks how old she is because she looks almost blind.
She had the prettiest blue, blue eyes and now you can't see her irises much at all.

Of course, Kate was polite and took Trin to the vet and helped pay for that visit, but in all the times I had to refill her prescription, buy eye wash, or take Trin back to the doctor, Kate never once offered to help pay. I felt bad at first because she seemed to feel awful about it, but as the bills racked up, I got more and more irritated that she didn't feel “bad enough” to help me out. She would have rathered we didn't talk about at all, or just let Trinity go blind so Kate wouldn't have to be reminded of what happened.

And here's where I delete five more paragraphs of how I think she done me wrong. But I'm not going to go on about it because I have got to let this go. If only I could get one free punch to her face, I might feel better.


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