Is It THAT Difficult?

I truly cannot understand why it's so difficult for some people to follow simple instructions. It really irritates me when, for example, before a test my Spanish instructor is explaining that a portion of it is aural – she'll read a sentence and we circle the correct response to it in Spanish. Seems pretty simple to me. Then, she says “For instance, the first question is, 'Donde esta la pizarra?' So you just circle the answer.” Instead of looking down at our tests and nodding in response, people start shouting out answers “In the classroom?” “What's the pee-zar-uh?” “La clase?”
Yes, it's in the classroom, and yes, the correct answer is en la clase. The most ridiculous part of this is that when she actually asks the students a question, hardly anyone ever responds. Today I got singled out for responding more than other people. My “tocayo,” or namesake, that I chose is Frida Kahlo, so most people call me Fred because, apparently, they can't say Frida. So someone says “Fred knows all the answers!”

I'm sorry to use this term, but what a bunch of retards.

I have a test in my Logic class that I'm probably not prepared for. There are several things the instructor went over, such as Bloom's Hierarchy of Thinking, that I don't have memorized. I really thought it would be more essay, but due to the aforementioned simplemindedness of my fellow classmates, it's going to be mostly multiple choice. I dunno. Maybe I'll do better that way.


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