Time to Make the Doughnuts.

I got asked to come in to work early today. I almost didn't go in because I had some coffee left over from yesterday. But it was nasty, so I ended up going in after all to make myself something. It was then that my manager asked if I knew she'd switched me from 3pm to 2pm. Of course, if I'd known this, or if she'd known that I'd known . . . well, she wouldn't have asked me, right?
She and our other manager weren't apparently speaking to one another. They kept walking right past the other person. Both of them said hi to me, but Annie made kind of a big production of asking how much fun I'd had on Saturday, and if I'd had too much fun. I admitted I had, but I felt weird because Chris wasn't at the party. I don't really want to get stuck in the middle of any sort of manarial feud, and I don't want to play favorites. It's ridiculous the amount of drama goes on at any job. It doesn't matter where I work or what I do, I always seem to get dragged into something I'd rather not.

I need to drink more water. Yesterday I was hungover enough that I had almost as much as my body probably normally needs, so I was peeing every 15 minutes. If you drink 60 ounces per day, do you pee all time, or do you, at some point, become accustomed to it?

How many melanomas do you think George Hamilton has had to have cut off?

In case you plan on watching the State of the Union tonight, please to enjoy the drinking game sent to me by, of all people, my own mother.


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