This, That, and the Other

Supposedly my student loan refund is in the mail. Has been in the mail. The extra effort I took this semester to make sure they knew I was done purchasing my books have not seemed to help. The check is stil not here.

Last night I went to a birthday party for my boss and I got messed up. Luckily, I think everyone there was way more messed up, way earlier than I was. Charlie kept telling me to relax and enjoy it but it's hard to enjoy yourself when you're convinced that you're falling off your chair.
On the ride home I told him it was peer pressure – that all my co-workers are still pretty young so they party pretty hard – and I don't want to seem like the old stick-in-the-mud. Then I informed him that I was thinking about taking out my earrings.
It was kind of a weird night, but I did have fun, and I stayed out a lot later than I'd originally thought I would, having worked till close and having cramps and all.

Cavan now offically hates his job and the people he works for. The owner's wife apparently told him yesterday that he was doing a shitty job of washing the dishes. He told her that if she didn't like it, she could find someone else to do them. She laughed and said “That's not how I meant it!” Like in a “Oh, you big silly!” sort of tone. But it really got to him. As we were leaving for the party, we asked him not to hurt himself or to call if he was going to. It made him laugh. He got paid today so he's in a better mood, but I know he doesn't want to work there. He's actually considering going back to the bar where he and Charlie worked together.

I recently figured out that I hate washing my hair. It's not something you think about when it's super-short and easy to color. But now that my hair is actually long enough to start pulling back with barrettes, I absolutely hate getting it wet, washing it, gelling it, combing it down to hope it dries straight. And it's not long enough to let dry naturally or I'd have a mini-afro. Sometimes I think I'm getting away with something when people refer to me as having straight hair. Like the joke's on them. Only it's really on me because I'm the one that puts all the effort into straightening it.

Today Liz and I spent four and a half hours doing 54 math problems. Of course, lunch was in there, potty and cigarette breaks too, so we drug it out. I'm glad it's all done but I let her borrow the rest of my math homework because she hasn't done any of it yet. And we have to turn it in before taking our test this week. I completely forgot to pick her brain about this job she wants me to apply for. That was my ulterior motive for having her come out to do the homework in the first place.
Then I found out that Math M111 (Statistics) at IUPUI is a prerequisite for M118 (Finite Mathematics) and I got really angry because I thought going for an English major would mean I didn't have to worry about another two math courses, just one. Argh!

Which is another reason I'm considering that job. I really don't know what I want to go to school for anymore and it's getting frustrating. I really thought I had it all figured out. I do, however, have at the very least, a semester of full courses, plus a summer, that are general ed or electives before I absolutely have to declare a major. I think I figured out that I need two science courses, and one has to have a lab attached to it; M111 and M118; two history courses (and H114, some sort of history of western civilization, I think, is required); and something else that I forgot. So we've got at least seven classes there that I need to take.


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