Part of critical thinking, says my Logic instructor, is recognizing opportunities and finding creative ways to solve problems.
I have only been in the class three times so far so I’m not sure how to creatively solve the following problem.

A friend of mine has a government job. I helped her land it by helping her make a great resume. She makes a little under $30k working there, which isn’t great, but she also doesn’t have a degree, and the benefits are outstanding (about which I’ll explain later). She got the job based on her extensive experience working in human services programs and doing case management. A lateral position is opening in September and she will move into it. It’s not more money. A second position may open within the next year which would involve more investigation and less paperwork filing.

I went to meet her for lunch downtown today and she was explaining this to me, showed me around her office and her building.
She also explained some of the other benefits she receives. She has a badge, is sworn in, and can make arrests. Since her agency is somewhat related to police work, she has a company car that is maintained by the city, including paid gas. She gets a cell phone for work (but is on call 24 hours per day for a week each month, I think), has an office (with no windows), and receives all the great health and time off benefits you get working for the government.

She didn’t lay the pressure on too heavy today, but I know she thinks I should apply for this position, as well as go part time at school, taking evening classes.

I suppose the conundrum lies in the fact that, if I were to take this job, we wouldn’t be without health insurance while Charlie is in school. We have it now through his job, as well as his paid time off. He is about a year closer to graduating than I am.

I know I don’t want to quit school right now. I might think differently in September, but I’m not sure. I know I don’t want to move to another state without my Bachelor’s. I don’t think I want to take a job knowing I might only be there for a year or two, especially if it’s a government position.
But this job would also give us a reliable second form of transportation while we could trade in the SUV for something a little more economical. It would also create opportunities for lateral moves into jobs in other cities/states if we did want to move, and based upon where Charlie went to school. It’s not as much as he makes in sales, but it’s close, so we wouldn’t really be losing anything.

Like I said. I have a problem that I need to solve.


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