Long, Boring Story . . .

Today was looking up to be a really long day for just about everyone I know. My co-worker Matt was desperately searching for someone to close for him tonight because a friend has tickets to an IU game. The one person who could have covered for him was apparently working this morning and trying to get someone to come in for her.

I got a call from my manager at 7am asking me to come in for that same girl. I didn't get up until about quarter till 8 and that was because Charlie is heading up to northwest Indiana to help his dad and new stepmom move about an hour and a half south of where they currently live. I was going to go in to work and make a couple of drinks for us, to be nice. Turns out, he'd been nice too and had already gone in, which is when he found out my manager needed me to come in.
He said she wanted someone from about 9:30 till 11am or so, but I'm also scheduled to work 2pm to close. I figured, what the hell, I could use the tip money. Saturday mornings between those hours are generally really busy.
So I called my manager at 8 and asked if she needed me. The girl that's sick didn't want to leave because she needs the money, so my manager (Annie) was going to talk with her and call me right back. I rushed around to get ready as fast as I could – washed my hair but didn't have time for a shower, put on a little makeup to try and look presentable at 8 on a Saturday, and sat down with the phone in front of me. After about 10 minutes, I decided to go ahead and take my online math quiz. I continued to pound the three shots of americano Charlie had brought to me. I kept looking over at my phone, worriedly. After another 10 minutes, I finished the quiz online and continued to wait for the call.
It's now 9am. I just called the store and Annie said she didn't need me after all, but forgot to call me back. My coffee is finished and I'm buzzing, my math homework is done, I'm dressed for work, I'm now not due in for another 5 hours, and I don't know what to do with myself.
No one else is home, nor will they be for many, many hours.

Cavan was up, even before me, and left for work before I came downstairs. He has to open and close today, but he currently works for a small, brunchy-type restaurant on the north side, so he should be home, at the latest, around 5pm. This sucks because he's going to have to bust his ass all day and I know he doesn't like this job already. He's only been there two weeks and he's already worried they might let him go because his school schedule conflicts with when they need him most – in the early afternoons. He also said they seem to have a really high turnover rate because they keep hiring only one person at a time to do two or three people's jobs. I don't know how long this will last.


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