Bad Girl

I'm only in the second week of classes and I've already missed one. Yesterday was so nice, warm, and sunny, that I think I subconsciously expected the same today. Silly me. So when I woke up and it was dark and rainy, I immediately brushed it off as way too early and fell back to sleep. Next thing I knew my alarm was going off and I didn't know for how long. Rather than rush around, trying to get ready and make it to class late, I just didn't go. It's terrible.
Normally I don't feel that guilty about skipping because it's usually rather late in the semester and I feel like I somehow “deserve” it, or because I have a genuine reason for not going. Today it was really more a case of the blues and knowing I'd have to trudge around in the rain on campus.
I'm still going to my second class, but that doesn't make up for my laziness this morning.

My friend who was pulled over and charged with a DUI is currently on home detention and I think about how I have the option of staying home while she doesn't have the option to leave. I mean, she shouldn't have been driving if she was drunk, no, but thankfully no one was hurt and we all make poor choices at times. But I feel guilty, in part, because I have this opportunity to go to school and I blew it off this morning all because it was rainy and dark. No, not totally, but isn't that what it boils down to?

I did utilize my time wisely, though: I printed out the various lessons for my next section of math. I finally finished the first part yesterday. They weren't kidding when they said it could take 12-15 hours per week of your time. I guess they assign all of this work to keep those online students on our toes. I know there isn't as much work in the regular class. I also took my online quiz last night that was due by today and, after sweating about it for a week, it turned out to be four really embarrassingly simple questions that I probably could have done before ever finishing any homework.

I'm going to take a big packet of all that crap I completed to my instructor's office today, right before heading to my Logic class. Right now I need to get in the shower.


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