Time For a Change

I decided I wanted a different look to my journal. Rather than sweat over HTML and brackets, I just chose one of the themes they have available to free accounts.
I'm not sure I like the fact that every one of my entries now has my user photo on it.

And if I cared that much I guess I'd do something about it.

Instead I'm going to have some coffee and a little food.
Tomorrow is my old friend Liz's twenty-ninth birthday. I remember taking her out for her 21st. Jesus. Eight years ago. And I'd already known her for a couple of years by this point.

Tonight she wants to go to the new club in Broad Ripple. It's funny, because that's exactly where I took her eight years ago. Only then it was Eden. And five years prior to that I was arrested in front of the exact same building for “obstructing pedestrian traffic” and thrown in juvenile detention for 12 hours.

Ah, memories.


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