Preppy vs. Raver

On a slightly different note than my previous entry: I have on the most hideously color-coordinated outfit I have ever worn in my life.
I found this dark green 3/4 sleeve button-down at Target for $4 on clearanc. Over that I'm wearing a retro-style Old Navy sweater vest in three different shades of green (one of which perfectly matches the shirt) that I found at Value Village for $1.29. I'm also wearing a clean-looking pair of bootcut jeans with a pair of green Crocs I just got with my Christmas money.

It's so preppy I could barf. But for some reason I like it. And that's how I'm going to tie this whole superficial post into my last one – by insinuating that these clothes somehow compromise the former uber-goth/nee raver/nee skater inside me, screaming to put on all black and too much eyeliner.


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