Body Mod

Charlie's going in to talk to the tattoo guy about a phoenix for his back. One of the girls I work with is a student at Herron and has one on her arm that she drew up, so we asked her if she wouldn't mind sketching something for Charlie.
The only problem is that hers is quite a bit more feminine than Charlie was looking for. The drawing is actually really good, but I'm not sure if he's going to go with that or have the tattoo artist come up with something more butch.
I'm jealous because I want to get another tattoo, too, but I've sort of run out of ideas. Other than getting “something” done around the Chinese characters on my wrist (which I got a couple of months ago), I honestly have no clue what my next one might be. Of course, the dragon on my back has yet to be finished, over five years since it was first started, six hours, and three different sittings, but I'm tired of having that one worked on.
The only other thoughts are extending others that I have, or getting the one on my hip re-worked or even covered up completely. It turned out less than perfect, especially since I got it done in the winter and it's right on my pants line, so the scabs sort of rubbed off in places. Stupid, I know. I should have thought that one through as far as timing. But since no one ever sees that, it's not really all that imperative to me right now.
I found these sort of tribal-looking (but not cheesy in a barbed-wire-or-other-tribal-around-the-arm-kind-of-way — no offense to anyone that might have a similar tattoo) swirly, flamey looking things that I considered having on either shoulder blade, but speaking from personal experience, that's a relatively painful area to have a tattoo. Plus I think the dragon would be in the way. Or vice versa.
That's kind of bad. I have no idea how big, or how far up and down, the dragon on my back goes. I rarely look at it.

In other news, I work with a bunch of chatty cathys who can't keep their mouths shut. Someone squeezed some information out of me (I didn't “say” it, I just said yes or no when he guessed it) and I believe that got back to the origin of the gossip because he made a weird remark about that to me this morning. So now I feel bad. But I didn't acknowledge what he said, and acted like I hadn't even heard it.
Way to be passive!


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