Separation Anxiety

It's Christmas Eve and, as I imagine many people are noticing, it's unusually warm. I'm actually sitting outside, looking at my grass because that foot of snow we got, and all the subsequent ice, has finally melted.
I'm sort of glad because it makes for easier holiday travel. Today we're driving out to my grandmother's that's about an hour south and west. Tomorrow we drive two hours north and west to my mom's parents' house. I don't like the idea of it raining, I'd much prefer snow, but I like this slightly unseasonable weather.

Yesterday we dropped the dogs off at the “hotel.” All told, including “playtime,” treats (they call it room service), and three nights, it'll probably cost about half of our total stay at the condo in Florida over Thanksgiving. It's kind of ridiculous because I'd never spend that much on myself for a three night stay in a hotel, but it gives us the freedom to stay as long as we want at family functions. Without Cavan here to keep an eye on the dogs, our trips are generally cut really short. Unlike normal people, I can't stand to leave the dogs alone for more than a few hours. Both of them seem to pee, on average, once every three hours.
I almost started crying in the kennel because I felt so bad. About 20% of it was thinking about how much I was going to have to spend. The other 80% was feeling like “a bad mommy” for dumping my dogs off for three days. People do it all the time and I want to do it more often so the dogs get used to it. Sooner or later, we won't have a housemate to let them out, and if we ever want to do something besides going camping with the dogs, they'll have to stay somewhere.
I've been pretty lucky the past six or so years, always having someone to come and stay, or who lives with us, to keep an eye on the pups. It won't last forever.
Then again, I don't like the idea of spending more on my dogs than I would on myself. That seems to be a pretty typical animal companion habit. For example: going to the doctor. Alvy's last vet bill when he had the endoscope and x-rays ended up costing us over a grand. We had to pay monthly installments.
If someone had told me I had to go to the doctor for something and it would cost more than a couple hundred, I probably wouldn't even go.


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