The amount of sleep on which I used to be able to function has taken a dramatic upswing. On good nights I probably got about 5 or 6 hours. My twelve-year bout of insomnia appears to be over. I think I've been averaging a solid 8 or 9 for the past few months, other than a couple of relapses.
On the one hand, I feel like I must need to sleep, on the other, I feel lazy. Last night we stayed up playing a new board game we'd bought, then played video games. I'm not really big on them. In fact, the last time I played any kind of video game was probably when I owned a Sega Genesis around 1995 and was addicted to Sonic. Here and there I found a couple of PC games that I wanted to try but was never any good at them.
Charlie got me a “Law and Order” game for Christmas and I made it all the way up to the trial last night, which I eventually screwed up. I haven't gotten a verdict yet, but I managed to call two wrong witnesses. I thought they had information, but once they got up there, they both said “I don't know if I can help you with your case.” Ooops. I got Charlie the new Matrix game – “The Path of Neo” because it's probably the only Playstation II game I'd actually watch someone play.

In other news, someone else isn't having a very good Christmas, so I feel bad. There's this line in, I think, “Annie Hall” where Woody Allen's character says that if one person in the world is suffering, he can't have a good time. This is the way I am. It's difficult for me to not think about how bad other people (and animals) have it and just relax and enjoy myself sometimes.
My next door neighbors, a married 22-year-old couple, are complete tools, but I don't wish them any harm. The husband lost his job a few weeks ago and has been looking around without much luck.
I noticed that his car has been absent during the week and was outside when his wife came home Wednesday night. I asked her if he'd found something out of town and was working during the week. She said no, he had guard duty for the Air Force to make up for the time he'll miss. I guess he signed up with the military as a civillian contractor in Iraq for a year. He has to work all the guard weekends in Terre Haute that he wouldn't do while he was in Iraq. Which is seriously f-ed up, if you ask me.
Of course, I was tactful about it and didn't shout anything like “Aren't the contractors the ones who keep getting kidnapped?” But that's what I was thinking. She acted as though it was way better than if he were in the military over there.
I don't know when he's shipping out. I'm assuming they'll be able to spend the holidays together. I guess he gets to come home once every four months until his contract is over in a year. She said he will be making a huge amount of money, all of which is tax-free. For fear of sounding like a terrible person, I won't say anything else about how I feel regarding his housing, flights, and giant tax-free salary.
I'm sure he'll be fine, though. Plenty of people have gone over there and nothing has happened to them. I just feel as though he could have found a job here as a mechanic that would pay enough for them to get by without having to go to Iraq. Or maybe he could have found a job in Terre Haute and they'd have to move out.
While I feel terrible about the possible consequences of his choice, they have a habit of letting us do all the yard work. Since moving in four months ago, neither of them has so much as offered to mow, rake, or pick up their own dog poop. I know that if this waify little girl were living here all alone for a year, the last thing we'd want to do would be to ask her to help out around the yard.

Now I feel like an ass.


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