I have two people left to buy for – my religious grandparents. I have no idea what to get them. I want it to be something practical because they told me once that people are always giving them little knick-knacks that they have no place for. A few years ago I got my grandmother an embroidered tapestry that had the names of all her grandkids (there's only four of us), and my grandfather a matching pocketwatch and knife set that had an American eagle and flag on it. He just thought it was Da Bomb.
Last year I can't remember what I got for them, but I always throw in a really religious calendar because . . . well, they don't like anything. They don't have a DVD player, they don't listen to music, and both of them are ill or in poor health a lot.
My ideas are basically centered around attempting to make them more comfortable – like soft, fuzzy houseslippers or boots, or a heated foot massager, but something tells me they either have all of these things, or someone else has the same idea.

By the way, they tell us every year not to spend more than five dollars on them, then they give all of us a card with a $100 bill in it. Usually I want to take a card with me and put the money back in it, with a little note saying to spend it on themselves and stop doing that. But by the time that holiday rolls around I've spent every last dime and I could use the cash.
Sometimes it feels as though they do this because they think the only thing any of us cares about is getting money from them. So while it's a helpful gift that many of us actually need, rather than a sweater we'll never wear with an appliqued Christmas bear on it, it also feels like somewhat of a jab.

Any ideas as to what to get for them?


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