Random Statements

The size of pants I thought I wore no longer fit. I thought I'd gained weight in the past couple of months but I appear to have lost a size.

I bit my pinky nail down to the point that it hurts and I think I actually created a worse hangnail in an attempt to head one off at the pass.

I meant to go shopping for a jacket my mom wants for Christmas and ended up spending money on clothes for myself. Ooops. That's how I found out the former size is now too big.

Charlie and I were supposed to go to a preview of Syriana tonight with Cavan but I think we're going to check on the progress of his tattoo and glasses in the village. We also have to pick up some more Christmas presents. Cavan's probably going to be pissed.

When something says it's sized “Short,” that doesn't necessarily mean it'll fit you.

You shouldn't go to chain coffeeshops, period. After making myself my signature vanilla Americano at work today, it went cold by lunch and I stopped in a chain (I know, I know – awful, aren't I?) and they ended up giving me fully caffeinated coffee when I wanted decaf. I wanted the flavor, not the jolt. Now I'm jittery as a . . . what is it? A junebug? I don't know what that means. I've got the caffeine shakes. I don't care if it's a Starbucks, a Bad Ass, whatever . . . they never get my drinks right. And they're not thatcomplicated. I used to work at a Starbucks and I rarely ever got people's drinks wrong. It's right there on the cup! How can you mess it up over and over and over again? Sheesh!

My older cat likes to hump the dogs' stuffed toys. The younger cat likes to hump the older cat. No wonder Andouille is pissed off at Ranma all the time!

I'd like to find a perfume that smells subtle, feminine, but not overwhelming, and that isn't too expensive. I'm tired of wearing either little kids' scents, or overpowering women's colognes that smell too heavy.

I think I've finally learned that really is quality that matters, not quantity. Now that I've bought a pair of shoes for work that are made well, and stopped buying batteries at the dollar store, I find my digital camera works a hell of a lot longer, and my feet and back aren't killing me from stomping around in four-inch platforms.

I'm done with my random babblings for now.


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