My complete lack of attention to LiveJournal can be explained by final exams. I have six projects due by Tuesday, including a research paper, a speech with PowerPoint, a 77-question study guide for math, an extensive volunteer report for social work, a 50-question take-home quiz for speech (at least I can get all the points but I think I'd rather just take it in class). Not to mention that this weekend is Charlie's dad's wedding. He wanted us to come up today and stay over until Sunday, but I absolutely have to get started on stuff today and use my time wisely. I've prioritized a list and am currently considering what I want to give my persuasive speech on. The things that would be easiest involve companion animal care and boycotting breeders, circuses, and Proctor & Gamble for animal testing. But I know this is a subject that people may write me off for.
Most likely I'll do it on not buying pets from pet stores and breeders. My dilemma is whether or not to use images that will make people uncomfortable. The photos are out there and it would be an easy way to get an emotional response from my audience, but I don't want people to get upset.

Speaking of which, a woman in my criminal justice class has a vendetta against the instructor. To make a long story short, he said something that no one took as offensive but her. She wrote a letter to someone (he's the head of his department, so I have no idea to whom she sent letter) and has made remarks in class about how her wedding ring cost more than his car. It's so stupid. It's somewhat related. The remark was about how, no matter how progressive we think we are as a people, racism is still out there and that it's quite prevalent in the criminal justice system. He pointed at a white kid and said people will automatically assume he has money and more resources than, say, this woman, who's black or bi-racial (she's very light-skinned, so I'm not sure), and people will assume she's ghetto. So her defense is that her parents make over $100,000 a year, and her husband makes over seventy grand. Plus the comment about her wedding ring.
So, lady, what are you doing taking courses at a community college? Most of us are there because we don't have money right now.
I wrote a letter yesterday afternoon in his defense, but since I don't know where she sent her letter, I don't know where to send mine.

Anyway. Time to get crackin' on that speech.


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