Follow Directions

Why is it important to follow directions?

1.) If you had read the directions carefully, you'll notice that it says you only had to write that eight-page, annotated, AP-sourced paper if you were a Criminal Justice major. Since you're not, you wasted all that time over the weekend.

2.) Had you looked over the syllabus, you'd have taken note that your math homework is not due until next Tuesday. Rather than spending most of Sunday evening working on that, perhaps you could have written the correct paper for the Criminal Justice class. Which you may now have to write anyway, unless your professor decides to be really generous and grade you on the critical analysis, rather than the research.

I also gave the speech today, something else I was slaving over this past weekend. I was supposed to give it on Monday, but instead of letting us just get the speeches out of the way, our jet-lagged instructor, just having returned from an English language-immersion conference in Spain, decided it was better to just sit in a chair and talk for an hour and a half about his trip to Madrid.
Don't get me wrong – the stories were funny and interesting. I just wish I had known this in advance so that I could stay home and veg out or something.

Working at 6am may leave “the whole day ahead of you,” but it makes me want to go to bed some time around 4 or 5pm.


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