I got home from work only to be reminded by an automatic email from my speech class that I have to give a five minute presentation on Monday. Shit!

I also have a five page paper due in criminal justice, a critical analysis of the Patriot Act. I immediately sat down and started banging away. I got about 7 pages today on the critical analysis, and basically finished my PowerPoint presentation on Constantine. My biggest issue right now is how I'm going to remember all the crap for my speech.

I admit I sort of half-assed the paper. It's a little disjointed, my political opinions are pretty clear in it, if you read between the lines. But it's okay. I'm going to assume that I gave about 15% more than most of the students will, and I'll be turning it in on Tuesday, a couple days early. This will give me time to then start (and hopefully finish) my research paper on jury selection for the class.

This also reminds me that I have at least four pages of math homework I need to start on. On top of that my schedule keeps averaging out at or above 30 hours per week. I have to talk with my manager about that. I kept waiting for someone new to be hired, then for him to finish being trained so I wouldn't have to cover so many shifts. It hasn't happened yet. Next week is his third week here and the following two I'm scheduled 30 or 32 hours.

I guess my whole weekend is pretty freaking shot. No time to chit chat! Gotta get back to work!


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