I set my alarm for 8am this morning so I could get up, shower, piddle around and get whatever done before 9:30, when I had a chat scheduled to replace a cancelled class.
Lo and behold, I was the only person who bothered to show up — including the instructor. Luckily, the class I normally have at this time was also cancelled, so I didn't have to cut just to log in to a chat room and stare at the empty screen.

I finally own a laptop but it has two major drawbacks: the battery holds hardly any charge, so having it on a wireless network is kind of useless right now. I don't know when they will release a new battery for it that holds more than one hour and fifteen minutes. The second drawback is that they also haven't released more RAM for it, so I can't update that, either. I figured I could save some money by putting in another 256 since it costs around $30 to have it installed, plus the difference in price between 256M and 512 was about two hundred bucks. Yipes!

I'm so thrilled that I have this now, though. It is pretty convenient. I hooked up the printer and installed the software but I have the printer downstairs now. The desktop used to be in my bedroom, which was really annoying – all those blinking lights and humming noises didn't help me fall asleep. Now that it's broken down and hiding until we find a good home for it, it sounds eerily quiet in the bedroom.

One other thing I'm excited about is an appointment I made for another tattoo. Technically, it's finishing one that I've had for about 5 years. I have those two Chinese characters for compassion and patience on my right wrist and I just went in to the tattoo place yesterday and asked for an appointment with the guy who did one of my other tattoos. I'm going to have him do some bamboo and leaves all around my wrist to sort of dress things up. I think it'll look pretty good. I also don't want to walk around with a tattoo that looks almost exactly like someone else we know, who will remain nameless.

It's kind of freaky to realize that you were so close with someone at one point that you both got pierced and tattooed at the same time a lot, so your work ends up being really similar and is done by the same guy. She has one that is exactly like one on my neck, but hers is on her chest, then she got the Chinese characters for her name on her left wrist after I told her about my idea for this one. Of course, I'm the one who wrote and requested a translation from a company that does such things. I also sketched a few that I thought she might like. She hasn't had any of those done yet, as far as I know.

I imagine her sitting at home, crying, and scraping at it with a dull knife because it reminds her of a part of her life she wants to “put behind” her. That's just the way she is. I'm sure she could come up with a really great lie to tell her parents about me so that they'd trip over themselves in an effort to pay for her to have those two tattoos removed.

I don't know if this is weird or not, but it gives me a certain sense of peace and satisfaction to know she has at least two things permanently etched on to her body that she has to remember as getting with me. Instead of it actually creeping me out, I feel as though she has to face something about herself every day when she sees them. She probably doesn't face it full-on, but there's still the fact that she has to at least acknowledge it that makes me giggle a little bit.


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