You Gotta Borrow Money to Spend Money

You haven’t heard much from me lately because I’ve been working an extra few hours a week, trying to get some classwork taken care of, and switching my computer over from an outdated Dell desktop PC to a Toshiba laptop. I’m really happy with the purchase and am especially glad that Circuit City, where I bought it, had a mail-in rebate.

I’ve been managing the student loans relatively well. Other than some larger purchases, like the laptop and a new bed, I haven’t gone crazy buying myself Jimmy Choos or anything. If I did that, the money would be gone pretty fast. Instead I’ve paid off Alvy’s vet bill from the last time he got really sick, paid rent and the car payment, gotten caught up on taxes and insurance, and even paid off two credit cards with really high interest that had been hanging over my head for a few years.

It sucks to have to borrow money to make money and to pay off other bills, but in the long run, student loans don’t count against you the way a Lowe’s card with a $300 credit limit and 22% interest rate would.


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