It's incredible the difference a little bit of money can make in your life when you generally have none. It's like exercise or a vacation or a hot shower. All of the sudden you feel lighter, more carefree, a bit more relaxed.

For people who say money doesn't solve problems or create happiness – I don't believe this applies to those of us dangling on the edge of poverty for most of our adult lives. It certainly can create a sense of security when you can breathe a sigh of relief watching your credit card bills wiped out.

All I can say is, for the first time in over eight years I'm going to own and sleep on something besides a futon mattress on the floor, or a shitty $199 mattress I bought at an outlet store that doesn't even have a brand name on it. Having a good mattress is essential and I wouldn't be surprised to find out I feel tons better after sleeping on one for a few nights.

It doesn't help me get more time for school, though. I have so much homework this week I don't even know where to start. I have about 40 minutes (including time to change, get ready for work, and get there on time) to pound out as much as I can on Constantine for a biographical speech, eat something, finish an outline for my paper on jury selection, log on to see the result of a speech quiz and determine if I need to turn anything in before Wednesday or not, let the dogs out, start and/or finish about 12 pages of math problems, think about starting a paper for social work on “my personal experiences in the human services field as a client” (I've never been a client and I don't think social work classes should encourage people to talk about their reasons for needing to use said services) . . . and some other things I can't remember.

What I really want to do is lie down for a minute.


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