Had a bit of a slip this morning. Forgot to put the patch back on after getting up and taking a shower. Someone at work noticed I was on edge and tried to help out the best way he could – by bumming me a cigarette. Without it I may have started crying and/or screaming at customers, but I'm angry at myself.

I'm going to try not to beat myself up too much about it and get back on the wagon tomorrow. I think I prefer myself as a nonsmoker. It's just going to take some work.

I will say that I'm happy because my student loans finally arrived. I have a bunch of money saved from this week because I haven't been buying cigarettes. In tips alone I probably have about eighty bucks. Then with the money in the bank I think I'm going to get a new mattress. FINALLY. And, to be totally honest, blow a bit on a little shopping spree for myself. I switched out my winter and summer clothes (I trade them when the weather changes and keep the previous season's in a suitcase to leave space in the closet and dresser) and I noticed that I own about three sweaters. That's it. So I may splurge and treat myself and Charlie to a couple of new cold-weather items.

Of course, splurging, to me, is like fifty bucks.

This is not one of my dogs, but he has a winter coat on.


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