Today was an especially bad day. It was really rough not to go the gas station and buy a pack of cigs, especially as I was getting gas. Then I realized in class that the patch had fallen off at some point. It was kind of shocking the effect of absolutely no nicotine. I got a throbbing headache, felt dizzy and nauseated, and thought I might pass out. It took me a bit to realize what was wrong. I went home directly after class and put on a new one, but in the meantime I almost punched my new neighbor in the face.

Yay, withdrawal!

However, I'm now up to three days without one. I haven't tried to bum one off any one at school or work. For the most part everyone's supportive of my decision. There have been a couple of people who have said negative things like “It'll never work,” and “The patch is just a placebo. Everyone who uses it goes back to smoking eventually.” Gee, thanks!

I'm now working in just trying to get through the next few days at work. I have a couple of really long days ahead of me and another four just behind. Not that it's some major feat, but seven days straight is a lot for me because I've noticed myself slipping. I'm at least a week behind in my math class and I really need to get an outline in for my research paper for criminal justice.

I am excited that we'll be driving up to my parents' house this Sunday to trade tables. I've had this wooden folding-leaf table that they gave me about 10 years ago and they're going to take it back and give me a really groovy formica and chrome dining room table instead. I've wanted a table with metal on it for a while. There seems to be a bit too much wood in the entire house, but the dining room is especially dark. So, yeah. Table makes me happy.

Soon I'll have the money to get a Real Bed. I can't wait to sleep on something that doesn't have springs poking me in the neck.


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