It’s been just over 15 hours since my last cigarette. Other than one time when I tried to quit smoking when I was about 24 this is the longest I’ve gone without one in 15 years.

I woke up around 7:30 this morning, so it has officially been 5.5 hours since not having one today.

I’m a little angry with myself because I’m feeling very edgy, having difficulty concentrating and I alternate between wanting to rip off my instructors’ heads and wanting to just cry for a while.

I have to be at work in a couple of hours.
I took a ride on my bike.
I’m going to take a shower.

After my second day without a cigarette I’m going to reward myself somehow. I haven’t decided how just yet. I wish I didn’t have to work every day this week and all the way through till next Friday. Assuming I can’t get off this Sunday. But at least I won’t have too much down time to mess up.

Wednesday night I think I may go to the gym with Charlie.

This is the extent of my cognitive abilities for one day.


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