Little Miss Pushover

As usual, and with every job I have, I allow myself to bend to anyone’s will and take whatever they can dish out. Sometimes it’s nastiness and attitude, but 9 times out of 10 it’s taking over shifts and getting way more hours than I’d prefer to work.

I started out as 10-20 hours per week, which migrated to around 22, then 25, then 30, and now I’m working the next twelve days in a row. I want to take advantage of my student loans and what financial aid I can get so that I can work less hours. The three jobs I had during my first and second semesters at school killed me and hurt my GPA. Now I see myself floating into full time status and I’m not quite sure when it happened. I’m just the person people come to when they want a shift covered and it’s nearly impossible for me to say no. I also just asked off 9 straight days in November over Thanksgiving break so I could take a vacation, so I feel obligated to help out now when I can.

The shifts aren’t too bad; usually no more than 6 hours. But the last thing I wanted were more 12 hour days. Up at 8, straight to school, home to change and back to work. I’m just now working towards attempting a social life since I finally talked Charlie into quitting the bar and going down to just one full time job, himself.

I know some people have (and had) to work many hours to stay in school, but part of the reason I decided to take student loans was so that I wouldn’t have this problem and I could keep up with the reading, the studying, the papers. Despite the stigma surrounding community colleges, three of my four classes actually have chapters of reading every two days. No matter how smart or how dull a student is, you have to do the work to keep up. It surprises me that I had less to do in my very challenging religion course last spring than in my community college Criminal Justice 101 class.

It’s just odd to think “When I’m back at IUPUI I’ll have less to do. Whew!” At least I know there’s a part-time position in the writing center for me if I want it.


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