Honorary Nerd

I feel bad for people who are poor students. My criminal justice class is rife with people who say they “just don’t get it.” Several people want to start a study group and have decided that I’m the best person to lead them. Mostly because I pay attention in class. Maybe I just watched a lot of “Law & Order” and happened to pick up on the stuff that was relatively true to the criminal justice system, but I haven’t had a problem in that course.

As much as I appreciate being made the honorary nerd, there are still other classes that I need help in, myself. Like math. So I’m not completely unsympathetic to people who are having difficulty in this one. And while I’d like to assist these people in studying for an exam that’s on Thursday, one I feel totally prepared for because I’ve kept up on the homework and reading, I do not want to take time away from math to make flashcards for people who haven’t even cracked open a book. For a test that’s in two days.

Of course I want to say “It’s not my problem” but I usually end up helping anyway. I got roped into a study session or two my first semester at school and ended up as a mentor for the same class the following semester. So I guess it can’t hurt to show a little leadership. I just don’t honestly care whether or not these people do well. It’s their fault for floating along these past six weeks, expecting things to be handed to them.

One especially irritating example is this morning: we had extra credit due today that he assigned on Thursday. If you weren’t in class on Thursday you weren’t allowed to turn in any extra credit, so even if you got the info from someone else, the instructor wouldn’t give points if you didn’t sign in.
When he asked to turn in that paper, people started protesting a lot about how they didn’t have time to do it, or they didn’t know it was due today. I scrolled back through my notes and had clearly written: “Due Tuesday, 9/27” and some more information.
Finally the instructor told us that he guessed if he wasn’t clear about it, we’ll scratch that and do something else. My mouth fell open in surprise. A few people noticed, laughed, and said “She doesn’t like that, does she? Tee hee!”
I snapped at no one in particular, “Well, some of us actually paid attention!”

I probably overreacted.

I know I sound like an academic snot with a chip on her shoulder, but if there’s some stuff I can do on time, I want to do it and get credit. I don’t like losing my points because no one else bothered to listen when he was assigning the extra credit opportunity.


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