I was thinking about Marti asking me the other day if I dig trannies and my saying that yes, I do. It brought me to a conclusion I made while watching a series of programs on the Discovery Channel about gender a couple of years ago.

I think I relate better to transgender and transsexual people that I do straight, gay, or otherwise. I honestly don't know why. I've never asked my parents if my gender was reassigned at birth, or if I was born with both parts. I don't think that I was, but for some reason, I feel a little gender-confused at times. I don't really want to be a man, but sometimes I don't feel at all like a woman. Is that odd?

For some reason I just don't connect fully with either gender. I'd say I get along better with men than with women, but what chick from my generation doesn't say that?
But I'd also have to admit that I have more female friends in my life right now than I ever have before.

It's a very odd realization to come to: that for whatever reason you relate to a completely different group of people, and have – as far as you know – nothing in common with them.


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