I realized I was in a good mood this morning for one reason only: I don't have to worry about money for the time being. Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness must not have ever seen a high-interest credit card bill paid off.

This is one of those weeks when everything starts to finally roll in. I'm getting paid on Friday, student loans are coming up in the next couple of weeks, I was just approved for more financial aid for school, and my grandparents sent a card with a little cash gift. In the grand scheme of things it's not really all that much money, but to me, even an extra $25 tends to help when you're a full time student working at a coffeeshop. The nicest thing about that job is that I get tips every shift, rather than the way Starbucks would split them up each Monday based on how many hours you worked. How can I walk home with twenty bucks in tips from a four hour shift here, but a good week at Starbucks working 20 hours may have gotten me $12? Somehow it just doesn't work out.

Time to study a bit for a quiz. I got home early and class doesn't start till 12:30 so I'll try and use my time wisely.


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