Why the hell is it so difficult for me to find a decent pair of stylish women’s combat boots? I don’t want those official Army/Navy surplus ones, but I also don’t want some to stomp around in seven-inch pair from Hot Topic, either. I like my heels and platforms, yes, but I am actually looking for something relatively sensible that I can wear on campus in bad weather, but that still look cute.
I don’t want go-go boots; I don’t want stripper heels; I don’t want leopard or zebra print; I don’t want rain boots or Sexy Santa boots or ’80s slouch boots or anything clear, silver, sparkly, patent, thigh-high, snakeskin, calfskin, crocodile, or cowboy.
I did happen to find something that I might like by Liz Claiborne, and, surprisingly enough, some of those wanna-be Ugg/Mukluk-types that are really cute. I wasn’t looking for “bohemian chic,” but I did like a couple of pairs that I saw.

By the way, what poor animal had to have its hide ripped off to make a $759 pair of boots?

And who ever thought Prada should make shoes, anyway? These are hideous and expensive. In fact, if you go to this page on, you can see all sorts of ugly Prada shoes. Best to sort by price, then scroll all the way down.

It’s easier to talk about shoes when there’s so much terrible crap going on in the world. It makes me pretend for a moment that everything’s okay.


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