My Morning . . .

Here's what I did with myself today . . .

  • Get up at 5:00 am
  • Shower, dress, drive to work in dark, damp, rainy morning
  • Leave work at 11:15am, drive home
  • Change, gather paperwork for school and work
  • Head back to work, turn in paperwork in hopes of getting paid
  • Go down to campus, sign in, wait in line for approximmately one hour in financial aid office
  • Constantly remind self how lucky self is to be able to wait in line in financial aid office because self gets to go to college
  • Hear name called, go up to finaid lady to hear lady tell self there was no need to stand in line – paperwork was ready and self could have just walked up and ask for it
  • Kick self
  • Go to bursar's office, stand in line for 15 minutes for bookstore voucher
  • Go to bookstore to get crappy math textbook mysteriously published only by school
  • Find place for shitty math textbook and determine it is out of stock
  • Go home
  • Order textbook online, pay $90 for $80 textbook because shipping and handling is $8 and tax is $2 and have no idea when book will arrive because it's being sent USPS ground. May receive in 4-14 business days
  • Remind self classes start next week
  • Make shopping list for school supplies, groceries, clothes for work
  • Realize there isn't enough money to get clothes for work. Will have to keep washing and wearing same pants and shirt for next week or two
  • Vacuum
  • Dust
  • Sweep
  • Wash slipcover cats have gotten dirt all over from playing in houseplant
  • Do dishes
  • Make journal entry
  • Wonder if bowl of cereal was enough
  • Pass out

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