First Impressions

It's surprising how wrong you can be with some first impressions, and how correct others turn out to be. The people at my new job have both corrected and affirmed my impressions as a customer at the coffeeshop. One girl came off sort of negative and pushy, and it turns out she really is. One younger guy Charlie referred to as “the business major,” while I thought he was more of a short-haired hippie. Turns out I was correct on that one, too. But the manager, who I thought was sweet and even-tempered is actually nice, but she's also very particular.

It's a lot like the old job at Starbucks – same responsibilities, basically the same cleaning schedule each morning, afternoon, and closing shift – but it's going to take me a while to get the hang of things. I was plopped in front of the register last night and this morning without any solid training. It was extremely frustrating to try and learn something during the busiest time of the day while the other employees were bouncing around me, pushing me out of the way. Honestly, I thought I was doing fine. Considering the fact that nothing was explained to me and I didn't screw up once, I'd say I was doing okay. But taking two extra seconds to find a button isn't holding up the line. I think that's what's going to irritate me about this job — the people who've been there forever and who aren't particularly patient. They're lucky I have experience working with coffee at all, or they'd be totally screwed. At least I can explain the difference between the acidity and roast of the two brewed coffees without anyone having to tell me.

I'll be okay. I like it. I just don't like being made to feel sort of stupid. I already taught myself how to tamp shots just from watching other people.


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