Went to the fair last night and ate way more than I should have. Normally I'll go with my parents around my birthday and they like to spend all day looking at everything. We stop to eat once, and it's never usually “fair food;” it'll be chicken and a salad or something, if we can find it.
Last night we went in around 5 and left around 8:30 or 9, just having gone from food stand to food stand. I finally tried one of those novelty fair items. This was a four dollar fried Reese's cup. It was kind of gross. It just tasted like a hot peanut butter cup with bread on it. I don't know what I was expecting – that wasn't it. We talked about going again late in the week, or Saturday. I think Sunday is the last day. I usually enjoy taking photos at the fair, and lots of them, but thanks to Kate, I had to pawn my digital camera to pay her utilities, and I don't have a battery in my 35mm so I just get to watch and try to remember the freaks.
We did get to see the dance troupe that repels down buildings. That was neat. I felt sort of bad for them, having to do it at the Indiana State Fair. Maybe they don't mind but it's not the kind of place I'd want to display my modern dance.

I start the new job today at 2pm. Surprisingly, I haven't gotten the least bit nervous. I usually do get a little anxious before the start of anything new: school, a job, etc… The only thing that worries me is that my classes will get in the way.
Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday I work 6 or 7am to 11am, so I'm guessing they need more morning people. My classes this semester were all schedule early on purpose, however, under the assumption that I might end up with a retail position that necessitates me being there from late afternoon till close, anywhere from 9 to 11pm. This place closes at 7 during the week and 3 on Sundays. My classes are usually 9:30 till about 1:50.

Well, I'm going to go sit on my butt until I absolutely have to get ready for work.


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