Getting Shit Done.

I got more done before 11am this morning than I’ve done all weekend, I think. I woke up to find the big, new houseplant had been molested by one or both of the cats. There was dirt all over the floor, the sofa, and even the loveseat on the other side of the room. I had to wash both slipcovers. You can’t have nice things when you live with four pets and two other people. Slipcovers are essential with two large dogs.
After pulling the couches out far enough to squeeze back and sweep up all the dirt, I decided to go ahead and rearrange the living and dining area. I switched around a couple of bookshelves and the chair, and we now have two sitting areas downstairs. I liked having both couches in front of the television, but I also like the idea of giving the living area more space by restricting it to one sofa and one chair. I just wish I had a nicer chair. Currently it’s this round, blue cordouroy dish chair I got on sale at Target. I’d prefer something a little more modern and expensive, but I just don’t have the money to get what I really want.

After all the cleaning and straightening I headed to the bank to deposit my birthday checks, got some cash, coffee, a scone, and bought tickets for the state fair tonight. It’s been drizzling all morning so I’m bound to wear a hat or bandana this evening – I don’t imagine it’ll clear up. But we chose a good day to go; it’s at least cooler out than it’s been in a month.
I went ahead and checked out my local weather page and noticed that the humidity is increasing throughout the day. From around 71% to over 90% by 11pm. That doesn’t make much sense to me. If it’s raining, isn’t it 100% humidity? And what’s the difference between, say, 80% and 90% humidity, anyway?

I’m also pleased to say that going to my parents’ for dinner meant I not only got good conversation, a tasty meal, and my birthday goodies, but my dad also bought a newer lawnmower and gave us the old one. Now the neighbors can’t complain that we’re not taking care of the yard. I can only hope this means our landlady won’t try to borrow it. When we lived here before, she developed a bad habit of taking Seth’s lawnmower right out of his garage when he was at work. She said she had to use his because hers needs a tune-up every spring. If we wanted to pay for it to get worked on, she’d told us, we could use hers instead. No, thanks! She claims she pays $100 each year to have it cleaned and replace the spark plugs. If that’s the case, she’s getting ripped off. She could buy a brand new one at Lowe’s every year for $130.


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