Exciting Birthday Night Out.

I had Greek food for dinner with Liz and Jess, which was nice. I was disappointed in my meal, however. I ordered an expensive plate of three different items: spanakopita, moussaka, and dolmathes (dolmades to some). The latter two were greasy, while the former was super-tasty, so there wasn't nearly enough of it. I got one teeny-tiny little triangle of spinachy, cheesy goodness wrapped in phyllo. Liz had the falafel and most assuredly did not like its slightly bitter flavor. She ended up eating most of my salad, moussaka, and dolmathes, as well as tasting the spanakopita.

Our dinner conversation was drowned out by a wealthy-looking crowd of forty-somethings who came in about twenty minutes after we did. There were a dozen or so of them, and they thought they were incredibly cute and clever. At one point, we started shouting at one another, over the crowd of snobs. They looked a little embarrassed and quieted down, but by that point we were paying the bill.

Liz and Jess got along well, as I thought they would. We then each had a different kind of martini (apple, lemon drop, etc…) at Bleeker Street where our bartender was a chick I haven't seen in a while. She didn't hook us up.
Then we actually went to the AlleyCat to check things out, which surprised all of us.

On the way inside the door, I peeked down toward where my car was parked. “Some bonehead's getting his car towed,” I laughed. Then I realized the only bonehead parked in that particular area was yours truly. Holy shit!
The three of us tore down the alley and I stopped short in front of the guy, panting, getting ready to cry, feeling my stomach do flip-flops. He'd already gotten the Santa Fe up and was getting into his truck to pull away. Long story short, I gave him sixty bucks, he let me have my car, we parked it elsewhere, and we went into the AlleyCat where I nursed a beer nervously, and some shit-faced guy threw up in his own lap right next to Liz. This put a bit of a damper on our already-stressed evening. I was home by 11pm. The worst part about the near-towing was the fact that I parked in the same damn placed I've been parking for the past two years. Tonight I happened to go out early enough to have the owner of that particular lot, leaving work late, discover my vehicle and call to have it towed. Asshole. There wasn't even anyone else in the lot.
When we left the AlleyCat, the lot was completely full.

I did appreciate Liz buying my dinner, and Jess buying my lemon drop martini, though. They didn't have to do that, and it was very sweet.
Tomorrow I'm on a quest for plain black pants, a haircut, and some wine to take to my parents' for dinner on Sunday. Monday night we're going to the fair with Jay & Scott.

I can't stop sneezing.

I wish it were autumn.

My night out was fun, if not weirdly disappointing at times.


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