Stolen from artschoolgirl77. I went to Googlism.com to see what it said about me. The following is an excerpt. The link takes you to the rest of what I saw.

courtney is the hottest new blonde teen
courtney is not a hyphenate
courtney is clinging to propaganda
courtney is a sexy blonde from alabama
courtney is an attractive 12 year old with green eyes and light brown hair
courtney is in hospital today to have her desexing operation
courtney is aware of the unnatural goings on in the house
courtney is an alien
courtney is currently working on 'a treasury of viking designs'
courtney is behind bars
courtney is slowly budding into the top point guard in his class
courtney is here for her fisting lessons
courtney is one big liar
courtney is pretty
courtney is someone i trust and rely on for knowledge of the realty industry
courtney is healthy and happy
courtney is an excellent student
courtney is so0o cute
courtney is paralyzed from the waist down and elva has a disease called alzheimer’s
courtney is maria's bestest friend
courtney is redefining the verb to express the guilty fascination that our society has with the celebrity
courtney is my baby
courtney is peerless among young singer/songwriters
courtney is currently implementing a grassroots distribution plan
courtney is a brunette
courtney is situated less than 70 metres from lake taupo
courtney is a deceptive figure
courtney is missing that it is an issue of religious harassment
courtney is unworthy of a negative portrayal
courtney is a ceramic sculptor who subjects ordinary objects to whimsical twists and manipulations


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