Rentals and Birthdays

I spent most of yesterday sniffling and coughing with a dry throat. Charlie gave me whatever it is he has. In fact, I was surprised to wake up Tuesday morning and find him asleep on the couch downstairs. He'd called in sick to work and just dozed on the sofa the rest of the day. By the evening I had a noticeable little tickle in the back of my throat, yesterday it advanced a bit, and today I have a full-blown cold. Yay!

I do have an interview for a job at a coffee shop today. I'm mildly excited about that. I don't want to have six different jobs while I'm in school, so I don't think the AmeriCorps thing is going to work out. As much as I'd like to stay on doing something meaningful, I also know that I can't honestly dedicate 35 hours per week, plus driving out to Plainfield from northeast Indianapolis, five days a week for just four hour shifts. I don't know when I'd be able to get my other hours since I wouldn't be working at the office.

We had four different people come take a look at our side of the double yesterday. Two of them were just walking by after having seen the ad, to try and find a rental with a For Rent sign. I happened to walk outside as they were passing and they asked if ours was the one for rent. I brought them in and showed them this side, explaining the differences. I've already had five or six different responses to the CraigsList ad I posted yesterday morning (Tuesday night?). It's kind of funny. In all the excitement, I completely forgot it was my birthday yesterday. I did get a sassy new outfit to wear the next time I go out to dinner with friends, but the skirt may be a little too big and the top may be a little too small. Hmmmm.

Someone else is coming this evening to look at the house, I have my interview at 1:30, and I still have to make dinner and an apple pie. I promised I'd try to make a better one. Charlie loves apple pie (Cavan is an incredibly picky eater, so I don't know what food makes him happy), but the last (and first) one I made had too few apples in it. I also didn't peel them. At first I thought it would be quaint, but I didn't really like it with the skins on.

Tonight I'm making poached salmon with dill and a lemon and butter sauce, twice-baked potatoes, and the apple pie. I'm sure Cavan won't eat any of it. I think all he likes is ice cream, slushees, and Taco Bell.


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