I went out Saturday night to meet a friend I'd recently made and stayed out entirely too late. When I got up Sunday morning I didn't feel well at all. I was basically in bed all day, had no caffiene, no cigarettes, and didn't eat anything. I had some Pepto, a few bottles of water, and slept.
I didn't drink all that much when I went out so I'm not sure why I felt so out of sorts. It felt more like the flu than a hangover.
By about 6pm it was all better and I made a little bowl of cereal, watched some TV. I was back in bed by 10:30, though, and fell right to sleep. I guess I needed it.

Today is my follow-up with the doctor. This means I have to shave. I always wonder what OB/GYNs think about women who wax or shave “down there.” Are they used to it, do they think it's funny or ridiculous? Mostly I'm concerned about shaving the legs. I've gotten into the habit of shaving them once a week or so. For summer that's bad. I've been wearing pants a lot to cover them up because I'm just too lazy to shave every day.
So, we'll perhaps find out some more information about my nether regions and see if anything has to be taken out. Yay. Ugh.


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