I lost the ring that I sometimes wear in my labret/lip piercing. I was scrounging around for it all tonight instead of doing math homework because I'm bored with the ball and stud.

This is how exciting my life is.

In other news, I'm trying to hook up Cavan with a girl I work with at my new job. They're both Journalism majors and they would seem cute together.

An old flame, of sorts, will be back in town this weekend with a lady friend. That will be odd.

By the way:
la·bret (lay brit)
n. An ornament inserted into a perforation in the lip.
{Latin labrum, lip; see leb- in Indo-European Roots + -et.}



I should so be reading my criminal justice textbook right now, but some Beverly Hills plastic surgery show was on, one channel up from Iron Chef America, and they were giving this woman a tummy tuck, then, after cutting out two huge chunks of her stomach, they stuffed fake boobs up under there. Some guy with a spatula was holding her skin up while the doctor went in with the implants.

I thought I was actually going to throw up.

I wanted to share.

Back to reading.

Let the Homework Begin

It's officially the fourth day of my classes (since I don't have class today) and I have already written a 7-page paper (double-spaced, of course, so that doesn't exactly count), printed out four pages of math homework, and started on first interview for a speech class.

I don't have ink in my printer at home and I don't know where any of the damn computer labs are for printing on campus (where they don't charge you), so I'm having to send stuff to Charlie at work to print out for me.

Now that I'm done with the criminal justice paper for chapter one, I have to hurry up and read the next chapter and write another paper. I also have yet to receive my math textbook so I can't get online and complete the “scavenger hunt” for my next, desperately-needed five points. I'll take all the help I can get in there. But I guess you have to have the book's access code to get online at all, so that's out of the question right now.

I work today till close then I'm off the next two days, so I'd like to get as much homework done as possible to fully enjoy my weekend. Come Monday, I'll be working six days in a row. My social life has been seriously impaired. Not that it wasn't before this, though – I've never really had much of a social life.

I'm a bit irritated that I haven't heard anything back from my doctor. My pap came back normal so there's nothing going on in there. But I haven't had an ultrasound yet to rule out fibroids. So, three months and three doctors' appointments later fibroids are still an option. I feel like I'm getting the shaft a bit here. I've shelled out $60 in co-pays, plus she put me on the Pill (samples) to see if that might help the Girl Problems, but I'll have to get a prescription for those soon and start paying for that, as well. So what have we determined? Not much. Only that I don't have stuff that I never thought I had anyway. Such as premature menopause.

That would suck, but part of me thinks it would be nice to never have a period again.

Splitting Hairs

I don't know how I manage it, but I have a bad habit of getting involved in arguments with people who like to nitpick. Charlie does it, my mom did it, Kate kinda did it, and people on Craigslist do it.
I don't know what joy people find in splitting hairs, redirecting arguments, and trying to make me lose focus. I don't know how they do it or why, other than as some sort of defense mechanism.

I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I'm easily confused in arguments. I start out with one topic, say something about religion, and end up wondering why I'm talking about the remote control for the television. That's not a great example, but things do range from the basic to the really-odd-things-to-argue about.

In the past week or so I've responded to people for saying nasty things, like calling someone a “retard” or patting themselves on the back for making a lot of money, but I haven't been able to defend myself because they go off on other topics that have nothing to do with what I originally said. I had one guy call me a “moron” because I said I wasn't that ambitious. The whole thing was blown way out of proportion and now I'm irritated because he missed my point entirely. Anyway. Enough about that.

In other news, or new next door neighbors flaked out on the landlady. They had an appointment to meet with her and sign the lease a week and a half ago and they never showed. After many phone calls over the course of the past few days she finally determined that they didn't want the place (one of the two potential roommates had his mom tell the landlady he wasn't interested). The sad thing is, this guy is 28 years old. There were other people who came to look at the place that I'd have much rather lived next door to, but it was sort of a first-come, first-served situation and they were the ones who could move in the soonest.
So Bev is back on the phone with some other people, trying to work something out. I also went ahead and re-posted the ad for her.

My math textbook still has not arrived and I already have homework. The books are printed only by the school and they're loose-leaf, so I have to get a binder for it. This means they won't buy the book back since they can't guarantee that all the pages are there. This irritates me as I spent over $90 on it and it still isn't here. I have this class tomorrow around noon, so after spending almost ten bucks in shipping, I . . . well, you know. Bleh.

Time for a little something to eat then heading down to campus in the hopes that I find a parking spot. I have a three-hour, once-a-week class on Mondays, so I only have one class on Wednesdays. I'm not sure now whether this was a good idea or if I should try and take another three-hour class on Wednesdays?


Got home from work and school a bit ago. I smell like coffee. I'm pooped. It was a long day and I was surprised at the lack of parking on campus. No, really! This is why I took all early courses.

I was just changing in to my jammies when I realized I hadn't removed my bra. This reminded me of a girl in early high school, the first person I stayed the night with on a regular basis when I moved to Indiana, telling me that if you sleep in your bra, your boobs will get crushed down and never grow.
I believed her and was convinced that this was why I had little boobies.
Of course, I was 5'1″ and 100 pounds, which may have had something else to do with it. But, you know, kids are stupid. Or, at least, I was really naive.


Everyone keeps posting this LiveJournal quiz that I finally decided to do. I go and get this message:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at mike.mm1swebcreations.com Port 80

My Morning . . .

Here's what I did with myself today . . .

  • Get up at 5:00 am
  • Shower, dress, drive to work in dark, damp, rainy morning
  • Leave work at 11:15am, drive home
  • Change, gather paperwork for school and work
  • Head back to work, turn in paperwork in hopes of getting paid
  • Go down to campus, sign in, wait in line for approximmately one hour in financial aid office
  • Constantly remind self how lucky self is to be able to wait in line in financial aid office because self gets to go to college
  • Hear name called, go up to finaid lady to hear lady tell self there was no need to stand in line – paperwork was ready and self could have just walked up and ask for it
  • Kick self
  • Go to bursar's office, stand in line for 15 minutes for bookstore voucher
  • Go to bookstore to get crappy math textbook mysteriously published only by school
  • Find place for shitty math textbook and determine it is out of stock
  • Go home
  • Order textbook online, pay $90 for $80 textbook because shipping and handling is $8 and tax is $2 and have no idea when book will arrive because it's being sent USPS ground. May receive in 4-14 business days
  • Remind self classes start next week
  • Make shopping list for school supplies, groceries, clothes for work
  • Realize there isn't enough money to get clothes for work. Will have to keep washing and wearing same pants and shirt for next week or two
  • Vacuum
  • Dust
  • Sweep
  • Wash slipcover cats have gotten dirt all over from playing in houseplant
  • Do dishes
  • Make journal entry
  • Wonder if bowl of cereal was enough
  • Pass out