I can't believe I'm still up and it's almost 2am. I actually haven't stayed up this late in weeks and weeks. Ever since starting the summer service position I've actually been on a pretty good schedule. This is why I registered for morning classes fall semester. Maybe I'm totally screwing that up.
I shouldn't have had coffee at 6pm. I had three shots of espresso over ice with half and half and vanilla syrup. I'm getting kind of tired of that drink.
Ssshhh! Don't tell anyone I said that.

I wonder what sort of tolerance I've actually built up to caffeine. I wonder why I don't know how to spell that word.

I'm bored. I've watched too much TV tonight. I was going to go out with Liz but when I called around 8pm she told me she wasn't in the mood. I had figured we could at least hang out here and watch movies but she wasn't really into it. So I've ignored some emails from other people that I really should respond to, and went on a Target run. Bought myself a new shirt and some comfortable sandals that were on clearance. If you're looking for some cute women's summer shoes Target had got some major sales. I didn't see anything that was actually over $11.88. Both pairs I bought tonight were $2.48. You can't beat it with a stick. Mostly because a “price” is an intangible object and therefore extremely difficult to beat with anything.


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