The benefit concert went well. We were pretty successful, despite competing with the Vogue's sold out Les Claypool show. We raised almost a grand, which ends up being only 1/15th of what we were supposed to raise for the summer. It's quite disappointing to think that we have put in so much work the past 7.5 weeks into attempting to raise money and haven't even put a dent in our ultimate goal.
On the other hand, I know this organization has never planned any sort of special events, so all of this is new to them, as well.
My co-worker and I created a super-organized binder with a memo, table of contents, and all this crap. Thanks, Business Writing English class! I took that last semester and basically did the same thing I had for the portfolio. No PowerPoint presentations or anything, but it helped.

I'm back at work again, but I was really late this morning. Almost an hour, in fact. I don't know if it's my alarm or just my being in general ill-health. I got really tired after a trip to Borders with Jay & Scott and never even finished the load of laundry in the dryer. I just went up to bed around 11:30, read a little bit of my new book, and passed out at some point with the light still on, clutching my paperback copy of “Lamb.”
I woke up a while later, turned off my light, saved my place in the book, and promptly fell back to sleep. I don't remember any of my dreams, and I haven't been recalling them in the past few weeks except once or twice.
My doctor's appointment is a week from Monday, then who-knows-how-long before finding out if that resolved any issues, or if I'll have to go back in for different kinds of tests. Just thinking about it makes me feel tired.

If I had to place my finger on one, specific problem, though . . . it wouldn't be that I'm incredibly depressed, or that I'm sick, or that I'm worn out from working so hard . . . I think I might just be really bored. Now that the concert's over and I've handed over the volunteer sign-up sheet, cash, and paperwork, I feel like it's all over. I'm interested in either starting something new, or just sitting at home reading and cleaning house until classes start.

That probably sounds really bad, huh?


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