Pure laziness. That's probably sums up what's kept me from updating.

The doctor claims my hormone levels were “normal,” so we can rule out polycystic ovarian syndrome and premature menopause. Now we just wait until two weeks from Monday and go in for a pap. Yay, fun!

My folks finally had their court date for a four or five-year old accident claim. The insurance company really screwed them over so I'm worried that since I haven't heard anything about it from them, they didn't win. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Perhaps the jury's still out, or it was more mediation. I dunno. I just know I feel like they really deserve what they're asking and I hate the fact that Indiana has this law against mentioning an insurance company during a trial. Thanks to lobbyists, it looks as though they're sueing the decrepit, widowed old lady who t-boned them, not the actual insurance company which both the widow and my parents share — the company which took the old lady's side and hasn't given my parents a dime.

I may take off tomorrow if I'm allowed. I was trying to talk Charlie into a sick day, partially because my wisdom tooth is coming in and hurts like hell, and partially I have cramps, but mostly because I'm so tired of the tension and negativity in my office that I can't even stand to be in there today. We spent all morning and afternoon shopping for our co-worker's lasy day present, getting a cake, picking out flowers, having lunch . . . I guess the boss was a little ticked, but who can stand to sit amidst all that howling and yelling and laughing and screeching? It's driving my insane.
I'll be so glad when this summer is over. Except for the fact that I have a job offer to do work/study there during this next semester. At least two of the most negative people will be gone.

My brain doesn't feel like it's working properly.


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