It finally dawned on me after my last entry that there are people (albeit very, very few, I'm sure) in the world who actually read this thing. You can read the Comments section below.
Anyway, she brought up an interesting point, which was, if people at the lunch had bothered to speak to the black women there, maybe they wouldn't have felt uncomfortable.
Let me clarify that confusion by stating that everyone there all did speak to one another. The problem I had was feeling as if I was interrupting to ask a question, or watching the three women sit away from the others there and snicker together, as if there was a really big joke on everyone else.

Another interesting point is that my commenter said she doesn't want to be referred to as “African American.” I have had this phrase pounded into my head by my liberal PC friends and family. And now I have to learn to say black. It just sounds bad. I don't know why. It's like that episode of the American “The Office” with Steve Carrell where he asks a co-worker what to call him, during “Diversity Training.” The guy says he's Mexican and Steve Carrell sucks in his breath, saying he doesn't like using that term because it's racist. So the employee says it's not, in fact, racist, it's just a reference to where he's from. It goes on and is a pretty funny scene, but that's the way I feel.

I guess I've been lucky not to have to deal with many racially tense situations. Growing up on the east coast I remember fights between white and black kids that would end up with both parties using racial epithets, but what's the worst the black kid could have called the white kid? Cracker? Honky?
And why is it that whenever a black person “sounds smart,” people always say “She's very artiulate”? When people say this about Condi Rice or Colin Powell, it always sounds condescening to me and translates as “She sounds white.”

I don't know. Random thoughts.


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